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Southern Foodways Alliance Associate Professor of Southern Studies and Anthropology

Affiliated Faculty, Environmental Studies

Graduate Program Coordinator, Center for the Study of Southern Culture

The University of Mississippi

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Geography.  Environmental Studies.  Food Studies. Southern Studies.

I write and teach about food and agriculture, and the social and environmental movements associated with them.  I think about food and agriculture together as a way into conversations about culture and power.  Who has the power to access and control land, to share or shift narratives, to adapt to social and environmental change?  How do historic systems of oppression and domination manifest in contemporary food and agricultural systems?  How (and why) are food systems both a source of socioecological disruption, and also a critical point of intervention? 

These are some of the broad questions I explore in my research and teaching.

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Passidomo, C. Forthcoming. Gastroimaginaries: Dreams of Food and Place in Peru and the American South. Under contract with the University of Georgia Press.

Passidomo, C. Forthcoming. "Cultural Geographies of Food." In Ashutosh, I. and J. Winders, Eds. The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Cultural and Social Geography.



Graduate seminar in Southern Studies

Introductory lecture course.  Cross listed with Anthropology.

Upper-level undergraduate seminar.  Cross-listed between Anthropology and Environmental Studies.

Introductory lecture course for undergraduates in Southern Studies.

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Public Commentary

Selected Public Commentary and Media

McCutcheon, C. 2023. "Food for Thought: Catarina Passidomo Explores Culinary Cultures." The Daily Mississippian, Sept. 15. 

"Lawmakers discuss plans to ban critical race theory in Mississippi classrooms.Mississippi Edition interview with Kobe Vance for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, August 2, 2021.

Passidomo, C. 2023. "Rooted in Sand: A Reflection on Teaching and Tomatoes." Gravy (88): 22-27. 

"Salt, Soil, and Supper" newsletter from Scalawag magazine, interview with Xander Peters. Feb. 10, 2021. 

Roundabout Oxford Podcast, 2020. Episode 3: Food. Interview with Alex Watson. 

"Faculty Spotlight" interview with Alana Huggins for the Association for the Study of Food and Society. March 2019. 

Passidomo, C. 2014. "Why Study Food Justice?Gravy (53). 

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